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your SaaS code snippet

tagmate makes it easy for your users to install your code snippet on their website through GTM, WordPress, etc.

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The easiest way for new users to install your SaaS code snippet

Enhance conversion by providing users with simple ways to install your code snippet on their website

Install in a few clicks via Google Tag Manager & our WordPress Plugin.

Install manually by copy-pasting the code snippet

Send instructions via email to a developer

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Must-have features for SaaS owners who want to convert more users
$ 29 / month
  • 300 code snippet installs / day
  • Google Tag Manager integration
  • WordPress Plugin integration
  • Email to a developer friend
  • Code copy-paste helper
  • Ad hoc support


Advanced features for growing startups who need more.
$ 49 / month
  • 1000 code snippet installs / day
  • All the available integrations
  • Multiple widgets
  • UI customization
  • Installation guides
  • Priority support
  • Everything on the Essential plan

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Frequently Asked Questions

tagmate is a widget that helps non-technical users install your code snippet via different integrations like Google Tag Manager, WordPress or by sending it to a developer friend.

All you have to do is embed tagmate widget on your website during your onboarding and in your settings and you are set.

All you have to do is add our embed widget code to your related onboarding step. Sign up now to get started!

Yes, you can customize your widget UI colors, size, and also choose which integrations to show via the widget code initialization config. But feel free to reach out here if you need more!

// Configuration example
let configuration = {
  id: 'tmg-4d3m0', // your tagmate account id
  htmlSnippet: 'Your cool JavaScript code goes here!',
  cssID: 'add-tagmate-widget-here', // where you want tagmate widget to appear
  height: '100%',
  width: '80%',
  uiBodyBackground: 'transparent',
uiCardBackground: 'ffffff',
uiTextColor: '212529',
uiPrimaryBtnColor: '
uiSecondaryBtnColor: '6c757d'

Yes! Shopify and Magento integrations are next in the list, and they will probably be part of the Essential subscription.

Please let me know here which extra integration you would like to have!

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